Jpt Enterprises Inc - Advertises free shipping, then refuses to ship, unless shipping is paid.

Champaign, Illinois 0 comments
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Jpt Enterprises Inc

33681 Walker Road

Avon Lake, OH 44012-1044

Jennifer D Tillery

(440) 933-4100

I purchased a ethernet switch for 99 cents, that clearly stated FREE SHIPPING. This merchant refused to ship, unless I paid a additional amount for shipping. They claimed it was a mistake.

If a business advertises FREE SHIPPING for a product, they should then honor that, and no later on charge a customer for shipping.

This company should be put out of business due to their fraud. They advertise low prices, but then claim a mistake, and add on shipping to make up their profit.

This is a variation on "bait and switch", lure people with low prices, and then hit them with excessive shipping.

A VERY dis-honest company, bordering on fraud.

Review about: Ethernet Switch.

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